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This is the offical skate shop of Border City Rollers, Carlisle, Cumbria.

BCRD are Carlisle's first and only co-ed Roller Derby league!

90A Cushion Upgrade Kit


This item is eligible for FREE FITTING*

One kit will be enough for one boot. Order 2 (with discount) to upgrade both your boots.

Double conical cushion set-up
1 Kit include:
2x Lower Cushion (Conical)
2x Upper Cushion (Conical)
2x Lower Cushion Cup Washer
2x Upper Cushion Cup Washer

These are not to be overlooked! Possibly one of the cheapest, and most advantageous upgrades you can make to any set of skates! Your stock skate cushions will usually have quite a high durometer. This even goes for many high end skates on the market. You try to loosen them, but any furthur and your hangers/trucks have lost all their rebound and are simply rattling. Lower your durometer with these 90a Independant quad cushions, and you'll be able to adjust your king-pin nut much furthur, whilst still maintaining control and excellent rebound.