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This is the offical skate shop of Border City Rollers, Carlisle, Cumbria.

BCRD are Carlisle's first and only co-ed Roller Derby league!

BCR Bearing Oil - 20ml


This is BCR's very own synthetic bearing oil!
It's a low viscosity oil, designed to work in hot and cold environments. No warm up time!
Specially designed for use inside bearings, it creates a perfect micro-film over bare steel, and doesn't cling onto dust and debris like many thicker greases do.

Works in hot and cold environments
Low viscosity, high speed, low friction!
Lasts longer than most standard bearing greases and oils
Protects against corrosion
Superior to Teflon® based lubricants in skating conditions
Increased bottle size, compared to most market-leading skate oils
Excellent value for money

Less is more with this liquid gold! 2-3 Drops per bearing is all you need.
Our BCR Bearing Oil is supplied in a clear plastic 20ml dropper bottle for ease of application.