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This is the offical skate shop of Border City Rollers, Carlisle, Cumbria.

BCRD are Carlisle's first and only co-ed Roller Derby league!

Kit Spray - Variety of Scents - 100ml


Our very own BCRD blends!
Lovingly prepared and bottled at home <3
If you want a mix of more than just two different scents, just checkout as normal and send Typewriter a message on facebook :D

All our ingredients are sourced from companies using steam distillation extraction techniques for the best quality base oil, and scent. We chose these essential oils for their superior 'anti-stank' properties.

Our essential oils are combined with alcohol and glycerin to produce an extrememley effective kit sanitzer.

Deisgned primarily for your boots, but you can use this on practically all of your protective gear!
Use  AFTER skating.
Not suitable for use on helmets.

This has not been designed for use directly onto your skin. The oils we use are all very skin friendly essential oils, but we still don't reccommend direct contact. IF irritation occurs, stop using immediatley.